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Public Dolphin & Scenic Bay Blue Angels Tour

Dolphin tour with a stop to watch the Blue Angels

Quick Details

Sodas, bottled water and merchandise available for purchase during your MER-mazing cruise

Restroom on Board

Infant Life Jackets Provided & Required for Infants less than 30 lbs AT ALL TIMES on the vessel.

Interior Seating

Are you ready to get FRISKY? The Frisky Mermaid, our 52 ft. vessel accommodates up to 49 passengers and operates 2-hour dolphin tours year round throughout the day. Catch some MER-MAZING views and have some family friendly fun watching for Frisky dolphins.


Blue Angels Practice Passenger

The Dolphin Blue Angels Blues Cruise Adventure

The Flight Plan

On Blue Angels practice days, board your dolphin cruise or charter a pontoon boat and be your own captain for a picturesque cruise in Pensacola waters. On the way, relax in the shade while watching for dolphins. While you are not guaranteed to see dolphins, you likely will and you will have fun and be entertained by the mind-bending displays of flight precision. The Dolphin Blues Cruise Adventure is a 2 ½ – 3 hour tour depending on the vessel.

Experience dolphins and wildlife in their natural habitat on one of our family and friendly vessels with a local USCG licensed Captain & Crew. Don’t miss this affordable opportunity to encounter these fascinating and intelligent mammals of the sea along with other marine life.

*On our most popular dolphin tour, catch your rare opportunity to search for dolphins and watch the famous U.S. Navy Blue Angels acrobatic flying team practice their thrilling aerial maneuvers.

Dee and Steve were awesome!

Dee and Steve were awesome! Clean boat, clear directions and helped us make the best of our time! If you get a full day you might get a chance to see the Blue Angels practice flight from the bay! Awesome experience!!! We will return, thanks again!

– Justin Cook - GOOGLE
Great Tour!

Great Blue Angels/ Dolphin tour. Had a great time, great crew and experience. Highly recommend! Allison and Riley 👍 great crew!!!

– Jason Wilson - GOOGLE
Will do it again!

This was our first time on one of the cruises! Took 3 girls 8,10,12 and they had an absolute blast and so did I! Lots of dolphins and staff was fun and knowledgeable highly recommend! And we will definitely be doing this again when we visit the area

– Betty Ringhiser- GOOGLE
Don’t worry. We’ll find them. We always do

It was getting late in the day. We had run low on hope, it wasn’t looking like we would complete our voyage with a single dolphin sighting. Captain Steve and Aly, heads on a swivel assured us that we would locate our quarry. Without a shred of doubt, Captain said, “Don’t worry. We’ll find them. We always do.” Then it happened. With a commanding voice, our Captain called out for all to hear, “Dolphins Port side!” We had put our faith in the right man. His masterful command of the vessel brought us within centimeters of the dolphins. Our trip saved! Truly a man of which legends are made. Thank you Captain. God speed

– Blake Poer - GOOGLE
We had the BEST U.S. Navy Blue Angels and Frisky Mermaid Dolphin Tour

We had the BEST U.S. Navy Blue Angels and Frisky Mermaid Dolphin Tours & Boat Rentals tour this morning ! I swear my inner child came out . The boat crew couldn’t of been any better and so incredibly welcoming . Coming back from Ft Pickens yesterday I saw this boat in the water and commented on what a cool boat it was not knowing it was a tour boat . The Blue Angels are sooooo incredibly amazing , talented and really pull on your heart strings just watching them . I teared up . When America is in such a mess right now , you look up to the sky and listen to those jets fly and suddenly you’re frozen in time and all your soul wants to say is thank you and AMEN today seriously just touched a part of me that I’ve been missin so incredibly bad MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA

– Nicole Frederick - FB