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7 Things to Experience on Pensacola Beach and What Makes the Beach So Special

Pensacola Beach

Seven Things to Experience on Pensacola Beach and What Makes the Beach So Special

Situated on the exquisite Gulf Coast of Florida, Pensacola Beach stands out as a top vacation spot known for its unspoiled secluded beaches, crystal clear emerald waters and an array of exciting activities. From dolphin cruises and Blue Angel practice shows to pontoon boating and snorkeling adventures,

Three dolphins jumping out of the water on Pensacola Bay

Dolphins seen from a dolphin cruise with Frisky Boat Tours

Pensacola Beach offers a memorable blend of relaxation and excitement for travelers seeking an exceptional getaway.  Let’s delve into some highlights that make Pensacola Beach a treasured hidden gem on the Gulf Coast.

1. Dolphin Cruises: Revealing the Marine World

Embarking on a thrilling dolphin tour is one of the most cherished experiences in Pensacola Beach. The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico are home to an abundance of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and expert tour operators provide opportunities to  encounter these playful marine creatures in their natural habitat.  Witnessing these intelligent dolphins leaping and playing in the waves creating heartwarming memories for both adults and children alike.

2. Blue Angel Practice and Training Location: Spectacular Air Shows

Pensacola Beach boasts another exceptional attraction – it serves as the primary practice and training location for the U.S. Navy’s elite flight demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels. These skilled aviators showcase their breathtaking aerobatic maneuvers during scheduled practice sessions, drawing crowds from far and wide.  During airshow season,, the Blue Angels practice on most Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s at 10:30am.  You can watch them practice their amazing aerobatic stunts while they zoom pass the four point crossover just off of National Naval Aviation Museum and Base near the Pensacola Lighthouse and over the Frisky Mermaid. This is by far one of the best things to do on Pensacola Beach!  A great spot to watch the Blues practice, you can go on Frisky Mermaid’s Blue Angels Blues Cruise.

4 Blue Angels fly over Frisky Mermaid which is in front of the Pensacola Lighthouse for Blues Practice.

Blue Angels flying over Frisky Mermaid

Witness jaw-dropping aerial displays as the Blue Angels soar through the skies, leaving behind trails of blue and white. Their precision and skill are a testament to the dedication and training of these extraordinary pilots, and catching one of their practice shows is an unforgettable experience. Blue Angels Practice Schedule

3. Pontoon Boating: A Leisurely Exploration of the Gulf Waters & The Santa Rosa Sound

For those seeking a leisurely maritime adventure, pontoon boating offers the perfect opportunity to explore the beauty of Pensacola Beach and its surrounding waters. Renting a pontoon boat allows families and friends to enjoy a relaxing day on the water, soaking in the gentle sea breeze and panoramic views of the coastline.  This is also a great way to view the Blue Angels, on your own schedule.  Pontoon boat rentals are available and you will be provided directions, visual maps and a premium boat with an onboard GPS.  You and your guests can beach and chill while you wait for those jet engines roar.

Whether it’s exploring the pristine shores of Santa Rosa Island or anchoring at a secluded spot to swim and sunbathe, pontoon boating guarantees an idyllic day of bonding with loved ones amid the stunning coastal scenery.  You can also beach and check out all the things to do at Fort Pickens here:  National Park Service Website

Several waterfront restaurants also have live music and an area you can dock and/or beach the pontoon and chill.

5. White Sandy Beaches: A Tranquil Coastal Paradise

Pensacola Beach’s most celebrated feature is undoubtedly its pristine white sandy beaches. Pensacola Beach has some of the most secluded, private beaches in Florida.  Stretching for miles along the Gulf Coast, the beaches provide a tranquil escape where visitors can unwind, build sandcastles, or simply bask in the sun’s warm embrace.A stack of sandollars from shell hunting on Pensacola Beach stacked with the sunrise in the background.

The beach’s powdery sands are perfect for leisurely strolls and evening bonfires, creating cherished memories of lazy afternoons and breathtaking sunsets over the Gulf waters.  Locals often refer to our white sand as the only white Christmas you need.

6. Historic Fort Pickens:  Journey into the Past

Fort Pickens is a historic military fort located on Santa Rosa Island in the Gulf of Mexico, near Pensacola, Florida. Built in the 1830s and later used during the Civil War, it played a crucial role in protecting the coastline. Today, Fort Pickens is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and is open to visitors interested in exploring its well-preserved structures and learning about its rich history.  For history enthusiasts, a visit to Fort Pickens is a must. This historic coastal fort, built in the early 19th century, played a significant role in the defense of the Gulf Coast during various conflicts, including the Civil War. Visitors can explore the well-preserved fortification, which offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Guided tours provide fascinating insights into the fort’s history and its importance in shaping the nation’s military heritage.

Historic building on Fort Pickens where Geronimo was once held.

7. Fishing:  Haven for Anglers

Pensacola Beach’s strategic location on the Gulf of Mexico and Pensacola Bay makes it a paradise for anglers. Whether casting lines from the pier or venturing out on chartered fishing trips, fishing enthusiasts have a plethora of options to reel in impressive catches. The diverse marine ecosystem promises an exciting array of fish, including redfish, snapper, grouper, and tarpon, offering a memorable fishing experience for beginners and seasoned anglers alike.  Florida recreational reef fish can be identified here.

Fishing in Pensacola Beach can be a great experience. Pensacola Beach, located on Santa Rosa Island in Florida, offers various fishing opportunities. You can fish from the shore, piers, or even charter a boat for offshore fishing.

Some popular fishing spots in Pensacola Beach include:

  1. Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier: A long pier extending into the Gulf of Mexico, providing a great platform for fishing.
  2. Bob Sikes Bridge: The bridge connects Pensacola Beach to Gulf Breeze and is known for good fishing opportunities, especially for anglers targeting species like redfish and trout.
  3. Shore Fishing: You can also fish directly from the shore along the beach. Look for areas with structure such as sandbars and jetties.
  4. Pensacola Pontoon Boat Rentals:  Embark on your own fishing trip for the day.  Our Captains will provide direction and review maps prior to departure.

Before you go, make sure to check local fishing regulations, obtain the necessary permits, and be aware of any size and bag limits for the species you plan to catch. Also, consider the seasonal variations in fish migration patterns for a better fishing experience.

Enjoy multiple Pensacola Beach Attractions With Frisky Mermaid Dolphin Tours

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